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Free Primitive Icicle Pattern

These primitive icicles are fun and easy to make. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
Primitive Icicle Supplies: Warm and Natural Batting... White glue... Gold paint (optional)... Glitter... ¼ inch dowel... Wax paper... White crochet thread
1. Cut warm and natural into strips measuring ¼ inch by 16 inches 2. Sew 7 inches of white crochet thread to one end and form a loop to hang by. 3. Mix ¼ cup white glue to 1 cup water. (Optional: Add 1/2 teaspoon gold paint for an antique look.) Recipe from Sassafrass Hill Primitives Snowy batting Birds that inspired this pattern…thanks Denise. Note: I used a pint jar and if using the paint frequently shook it up- also you can then seal it and it will keep to do other projects. 4. Cover dowel with wax paper secured with tape. (This will keep your icicle from sticking) 5. Using a foam brush paint your strip with the glue mix. 6. Secure the hanging loop to the dowel with tape and then wind your strip tightly to the dowel. It will stick by itself. 7. Sprinkle with glitter turning the dowel to cover. 8. Allow to dry overnight. 9. Starting at opposite end of the hang string, gently take the strip off the dowel a little at a time – allowing it to recurl as you go. As you can see from the picture I did a tree with them and the snowy batting birds. If you like them white leave out the paint in your glue mix. Merry Christmas!








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